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A Certain Age

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RO60005521. A CERTAIN AGE. 1998. In-8. Broché. Etat d´usage, Coins frottés, Dos satisfaisant, Papier jauni. 403 pages. Couverture illustrée d´une photo en couleur.. . . . Classification Dewey : 420-Langue anglaise. Anglo-saxonTeenager Rebbecca Ray´s debut novel paints a deeply disturbing portrait of the life of an adolescent girl growing up in small-town England in the dying breaths of the 20th century. The humiliations of her first day at secondary school soon give way to grudging acceptance as Ray´s unnamed heroine learns how to "fit in". Letting boys touch her and hanging out with the misfits and trouble-makers makes daily life bearable. Which is just as well as home life is far from bearable. With a brow-beaten, ineffectual mother, whose own feelings of self-worth have long since been ground to a pulp by a bullying, overbearing husband, it comes as no surprise when their 14-year-old daughter starts dating a man old enough to be her father. Sex, drugs, paedophilia and masochism are all shrugged off by our 14-year-old leading lady whose feelings of self-loathing grow deeper, page by gripping page, until they reach a disturbing, inevitable conclusion. Written in the first person, Ray´s narrative is stark and shocking. She describes a life, a family, a society too darkly accurate to be pure fiction. As a novelist, Rebbecca Ray has found a suitable channel for her emotions. Today´s teenagers, meanwhile, need help. --Carey Green

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