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Avengers: Escape in Time & See-Through Man [VHS]

Avengers: Escape in Time & See-Through Man [VHS] - /images-na.ssl-images-com/images/I/51V463HP0PL.jpgSpacer

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VHS TapeManufacturer: A&E Home Video - ASIN: 0767011007 - EAN: 9780767011006

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Has the world ever seen as refined a pair of heroes as THE AVENGERS? in addition to brilliantly absurd storylines, deadly traps and daring rescues, THE AVENGERS offered the world a unique combination of old-world style -- the suave Patrick Macnee as John Steed, and "kinky" British pop culture -- the exquisite Diana Rigg as Mrs. Peel. "Escape In Time" First aired 28 January, 1967 When a mad miscreant whips up a time machine, it takes THE AVENGERS no time at all to show him the "era" of his ways. Look for the "kinky" scene of Emma in medieval stocks, accused of being "designed to drive a man to lust," as well as two extremely rare clinches between the enigmatic colleagues. Directed by John Krish, Written by Philip Levene. "The See-Through Man" First aired 4 February, 1967 When an enemy agent purchases a secret "invisibility" formula, it takes the perceptive Avengers to see through his plans. THE AVENGERS deals with the Cold War with and aristocratic detachment. The repartee between Steed and Soviet Ambassador Brodny illustrates Steed’s contention that "we’re the best of enemies." Directed by Robert Asher, Written by Philip Levene.