Grunt Style Men´s America T-Shirt

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Apparel - Brand: Grunt Style - ASIN: b00tcvcrxq - Model: GS319

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  • Authentic Grunt Style Apparel sold by Authorized Retailer
  • Sizing tends to run small, order a size up if you´re unsure
  • Ultra soft and comfortable
  • Light Fabric Proudly printed in the USA
  • Original Grunt Style design and is guaranteed to you 100% by their ´Beer Guarantee´
All Grunt Style items are covered by the "Beer Guarantee". What is the Beer Guarantee? It´s their Too Easy return policy. Your Grunt Style shirts are covered for life. Including tears, holes, loose threads, beer stains, and even blood stains from defending the American Flag from terrorists. As authorized retailers, we will honor Grunt Style´s Beer Guarantee.

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