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Pentel Hi-Polymer Block Eraser, Large, White, Pack of 4 (ZEH10BP4)

Pentel Hi-Polymer Block Eraser, Large, White, Pack of 4 (ZEH10BP4) - /images-na.ssl-images-com/images/I/411KswkGNSL.jpgSpacer

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Brand : Pentel - ASIN : b011kgjnsc - EAN : 0072512243657 - Model : ZEH10BP4

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  • Pentel Hi-Polymer Block Eraser, Large, White, Pack of 4 (ZEH10BP4)
Pentel Hi-Polymer Block Eraser, Large, White, Pack of 4 (ZEH10BP4) Hi-Polymer Erasers Pentel Hi-Polymer erasers are high quality, latex-free erasers that remove lead easily and cleanly with very little pressure. No smudges, no paper tears and no ghosting. No wonder they are the #1 brand eraser in the country. View larger Latex-Free, Hi-Polymer Formula Thanks to our unique eraser formula, Pentel Hi-Polymer erasers do not crack or harden with age and remain soft and ready to use when you need them. View larger Great Pencil Topper! Due to popular demand, we developed Hi-Polymer pencil cap erasers that fit most wood case pencils. Now you can enjoy clean, smudge-free erasing on top of your favorite pencil (although we suggest trying one of our mechanical pencils – they have great erasers!). View larger Many Sizes, Many Applications If you wanted to paint a wall, you wouldn’t use a small hand brush, you’d use a roller. The same holds true for erasers. Our small block style or pencil cap erasers are perfect for getting into little corners, while our large blocks erase large areas quickly. View larger Protective Sleeve Each of our block erasers come with a protective sleeve to keep you and the eraser clean. We recommend that you keep the eraser in the sleeve to extend the life of your eraser. View larger Help Support Breast Cancer Research Pentel of America is a dedicated sponsor of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Our “Pink” products are designed to provide a fabulous experience as well as support a meaningful cause. The variety of Pink products that we offer includes pens, pencils and erasers. Pentel will donate five cents from each purchase of our pink eraser packs to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Together we can make a difference. View larger Art and Creative Materials Institute Certified Our Hi-Polymer Erasers are independently tested to meet the rigorous criteria set by the Art & Creative Materials Institute (ACMI). Products bearing the AP seal are certified in a program of toxilogical evaluation by a medical expert to contain no materials in sufficient quantities to be toxic or injurious to humans or to cause acute or chronic health problems.

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