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Voice From The Past - Paradigm [LP]

Voice From The Past - Paradigm [LP] - /images-na.ssl-images-com/images/I/51WYALU73fL.jpgSpacer

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Brand : VINYL - ASIN : b01iwxrwvg - EAN : 0602547811202

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Gary Peacock bass / Jan Garbarek tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone / Tomasz Stanko trumpet / Jack DeJohnette drums

Voice From The Past - Paradigm, is now on high quality 180gm vinyl!

This classic ECM title was originally released in 1981.

This is a record with much to recommend it. Peacock, as ever, is sublime and the perpetual motion of DeJohnettes drumming maintains a superb tension. The broad toned Stanko skirts the niceties and finds something of consequence to say every time he walks to the wicket but, surprisingly, it is Garbareks many solid innings that are the backbone of the whole thing. Jazz Journal

Disk 1 - Tracks

   1 - Voice From The Past
   2 - Legends
   3 - Moor
   4 - Allegory
   5 - Paradigm
   6 - Ode For Tomten

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