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We´re an American Band

We're an American Band - /images-na.ssl-images-com/images/I/41c2WEyHXJL.jpgSpacerWe're an American Band - /images-na.ssl-images-com/images/I/216Sbc1JBeL.jpgSpacer

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Brand : Capitol - ASIN : b000071wy2 - EAN : 0724354172625 - Model : 2127731

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They lost the "Railroad" in their name but they gained a producer (Todd Rundgren) and a #1 hit single! With four bonus tracks.Having garnered a confounding mix of loyal fan base and universally bad reviews for the plodding, predictable blues-rock that powered their seemingly endless tours at the dawn of the ´70s, Grand Funk Railroad spent the next couple years retooling both their line-up and sound. Keyboardist Craig Frost expanded the trio´s musical range, while guitarist/vocalist Mark Farner honed his pop hooks and songwriting skills. But it was the savvy addition of producer Todd Rundgren on this 1973 album that pushed the band (whose name was now shortened to simply Grand Funk) to the top of the charts via the infectious, Don Brewer-written-and-sung title track/anthem/single. Brewer also comes into his own on the hard-charging, pop-rock standouts "Black Licorice" and "Walk Like a Man." This expanded edition features a contemporary remix of the title track, a couple of strong outtakes, and a previously unreleased acoustic mix of "Stop Looking Back." --Jerry McCulley

Disk 1 - Tracks

   1 - We´re An American Band
   2 - Stop Lookin´ Back
   3 - Creepin´
   4 - Black Licorice
   5 - The Railroad
   6 - Ain´t Got Nobody
   7 - Walk Like A Man
   8 - Loneliest Rider
   9 - Hooray
   10 - The End
   11 - Stop Lookin´ Back (Acoustic Mix)
   12 - We´re An American Band (2002 Remix)

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