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Where The Spies Are

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DVDManufacturer: Warner Archive Collection - ASIN: b00teypvse - EAN: 0888574143749

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Yesterday, Dr. Jason Love was an English country physician. Now he’s an international agent with all the gadgetry a spy could want: a signal-emitting dental insert, a pen that injects poison, rendezvous passwords, a radio wristwatch and a ring that works like a stun gun. But what he wants most could never be tucked away in a spy kit — a vintage Cord LeBaron roadster promised to him for taking on an assignment for Queen and Country. David Niven, who would portray James Bond in 1967’s Casino Royale, plays fish-out-of-water Jason, mastering the espionage game on the fly as he plunges into a realm of rival agents, counterspies, a plot targeting a Middle Eastern official, deadly confrontations and narrow escapes. Chic Francoise Dorleac costars in this film featuring locations in Lebanon and released in an era when interest in spy thrillers was soaring. Dorleac, whose life was tragically cut short, was elder sister to Catherine Deneuve.

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