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FIDO U2F Security Key

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Ordenadores personales - Marca: Yubico - ASIN: b00nlka0d8 - EAN: 0780411185731 - Modelo: Y-123

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  • FIDO U2F dedicated device (supports U2F protocol only)
  • Identifies as a USB HID, no client software or drivers needed
  • Meets the latest published FIDO U2F specifications
  • Works in the latest Chrome browser on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Manufactured in USA

Yubico´s FIDO U2F Security Key is a hardware authenticator with secure element supporting the Universal Second Factor (U2F) standard co-invented by Yubico and now hosted by the FIDO Alliance. It allows users to authenticate to all their U2F-enabled services and applications with one device. The Security Key by Yubico employs a secure element used to generate secrets and securely store them. The U2F protocol specifies that a new key pair is generated by the authenticator for each service, with the public key shared with that service and the private key only available to the Security Key´s secure element. The authenticator provides no identifiable data to the service provider, maintaining your privacy between services.

The Security Key by Yubico does not require any additional software or drivers to use. It contains no batteries and will work in Chrome with any website or application that supports the U2F specification. The device is incredibly robust in normal use, and even some abnormal use.

Yubico is a board level member of the FIDO alliance leading the specification development of U2F; our devices are the reference authenticators for the U2F standard.

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