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Food Spoilage Microorganisms: Ecology and Control (Food Microbiology) (English Edition)

Food Spoilage Microorganisms: Ecology and Control (Food Microbiology) (English Edition) - /images-eu.ssl-images-com/images/I/51OLv-M-y7L.jpgSpacer

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Food Spoilage Microorganisms: Ecology and Control focuses on the occurrence, outbreak, consequences, control, and evaluation of spoilage microorganisms in food, providing the necessary basic knowledge of food spoilage ecology and control so as to ensure food safety, especially in developing countries where food hygiene in storage requires special care. The first part of the book looks at spoilage microorganisms in plant origin foods, such as cereals, beans, fruits, and vegetables, and the second part tackles the spoilage microorganisms in animal origin foods like meat, poultry, seafood, powdered milk, and egg products.

In each chapter, the taxonomy of spoilage microorganisms, spoilage characteristics, consequences and possible mechanisms, and specific methods for detection and evaluation are discussed based on the basis surface introduction. The control, prevention, and management options for spoilage microorganisms are also presented. In addition, opportunities and challenges are summarized and predicted in the last part of each chapter.