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Marca : Labgear - ASIN : b00i7tuh7c - EAN : 5050171062807 - Modelo : LAB450T

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Tri-boom aerials have been re-engineered and retuned to 790MHz to reduce interference caused by 4G mobile phone masts. The dipole is new for improved performance, and the reflector bracket is now an improved easy assembly design New design tuned to maximise signal reception whilst reducing potential interference from 4G masts. New reflector bracket for simpler, quicker assembly. New X-dipole design with printed circuit balun and secure F-type cable connection. Supplied with tilting mast-clamp.The Labgear LAB450T aerial is a professional standard roof top or loft installation TV aerial designed for medium, weak and fringe (poor) signal areas. The Labgear LAB450T is designed to increase and improve TV signals and is very good for use with Freeview signals. If you have any kind of signal with an ordinary aerial the Labgear LAB450T will improve it (at least a bit, probably a lot).The Labgear LAB450T features a tilting mast clamp for easy adjustment. Booms fold flat and reflectors detach for easy storage/transportation This Digital aerial is ideal for fringe reception areas. This is one of the best digital aerials on the market.Frequency range 470-790MHz TV channels 21-60 Forward gain dBd 11.3 Forward gain dBi 13.5 Front / back ratio dB >16.0 Beam width +/- deg +/- 16 PCB balun Yes Connector F-type Width: Length 1110mm, Depth: Width 535mm

Todo nuevo diseño reduce las interferencias lte800 4 G
Nueva fácil de montar reflector
Potente rendimiento de tri-boom elementos
Excelente direccionalidad de Massive reflector
Ideal para la solución de problemas

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