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Mrs Osmond (English Edition)

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´Banville is one of the writers I admire the most´ Hanya Yanahigara, author of A Little Life

´A brilliant feat of literary ventriloquism´ The Times

Having fled Rome and a stultifying marriage, Isabel Osmond is in London, brooding on the recent disclosure of her husband´s shocking, years-long betrayal of her. What should she do now, and which way should she turn, in the emotional labyrinth where she has been trapped for so long? Reawakened by grief and the knowledge of having been grievously wronged, she determines to resume her youthful quest for freedom and independence.

Soon Isabel must return to Italy and confront her husband, and seek to break his powerful hold on her. But will she succeed in outwitting him, and securing her revenge?

Mrs Osmond is a masterly novel of betrayal, corruption and moral ambiguity, from the Man Booker Prize-winning author of The Sea.

´A worthy sequel ... His book is not only an impressive recreation of James´s atmospheres and pacing, but also full of minor cliff-hangers and page-turning suspenses that keep you guessing´ Observer

´John Banville is one of the best novelists in English, and an expert ventriloquist, among other things ... Mrs Osmond is both a remarkable novel in its own right and a superb pastiche´ Guardian

´John Banville is simply the finest writer at work today, a prolific prose stylist whose work has only deepened in quality throughout his career´ John Boyne

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