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  • Benefits: With this app, all your international calls will be connected via the VTX network through the Wi-Fi internet access on your device, so you’ll be paying only pennies per minute, which will be billed to your VTX accounts. Use of VTX VoIP with 3G or 4G may result data charges from your wireless provider.
  • Hassel-Free: Open the VTX VoIP dialer and then simply dial any destination and the VoIP dialer will seamlessly connect you to the VTX network. Our network determines your user account number and continues to process the call through its duration. You can also place calls directly from your device’s Contacts.
  • International Coverage: Save 90% on international roaming costs! When you’re traveling outside the U.S. and Canada with free Wi-Fi access, start making calls with VTX VoIP.
  • Intuitive “+” Substitution: You can configure settings to enable “+” international access code, so you don’t need to know how to dial an international call when you travel to a new destination! (although always dial as if you’re dialing from the U.S. when using VTX services)
  • Free Calls: If your friends and family also have a VTX VoIP account, then you can talk for free, for as long as you like.
  • VTX IP PBX Users: VTX VoIP turns your Android into a business line or company extension! You can dial and answer inter-office extension calls from worldwide for free, and make calls showing your company caller ID.
  • Call history, three-way calling, call waiting

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