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CandyBots Alphabet ABC Tracing - Wordplay Phonics Kids

CandyBots Alphabet ABC Tracing - Wordplay Phonics Kids

  • - 26 letters ABCs with 5 topics help kids learn pronounce many English vocabulary words! 126 words to explore and learn. Word game teaches children letters. Colorful endless alphabets in the ABC playground activity.
  • - Alphabet Tracing: Uppercase and lowercase letters to trace, listen to, and match. - Letters A, B, C, D and E are absolutely free!
  • - Play the matching alphabet game: Fun puzzles and memory game stickers: phonics pairing, letter matching, puzzle jigsaw , quiz and more. Drag and Tap: animated ABC letters memory and recognize puzzles!
  • - Alphabet flashcards minigame- Learning and identification of the alphabets & letters through ABC flashcards for kids game made easy and fun with games having large flash cards.
  • - Kids alphabet wordplay games - Preschool English learning app for kids 2-4 years old. Alphabet for kids is an ABC kids tracing and phonics game & is very easy educational.
  • - Alphabet sounds learning app - will help with the recognition of letters of alphabet for preschool kids, toddlers.
  • - Memory puzzle game and alphabet song: helping toddler's brain grow to learn quick and fun.
  • - Kids learning game - includes educational learning games for kids, free games and puzzles for preschool children, which helps writing and kids learn to read
  • - Educational story clips: funny cartoons will help toddlers learn, pronounce, spell and remember letters they've learned.
  • - Pronounce the ABCs with phonics: Clear English voice-overs will have kids talking in English in no time!

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