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Fodmap Helper - Diet Companion

Fodmap Helper - Diet Companion

  • Comprehensive list of foods and whether they are low FODMAP or high FODMAP foods, to make finding foods for your low FODMAP diet easier.
  • Search by food name.
  • Lookup by food category.
  • General FODMAP Diet and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, IBS, Crohn's disease, Colitis, and Lactose Intolerence info.
  • Specific FODMAP breakdowns of each food and whether it is high, medium, or low in the main FODMAP categories of Polyols, Oligos, Fructose, and Lactose.
  • My Experience - Log your personal experience with foods to determine if a food works for you regardless of its FODMAP rating. Rate whether you had a good or bad reaction to a food after eating it, then leave detailed notes so that you know for next time how said food will affect you.
  • Community Experience - See how the community has reacted to a food via anonymized My Experience ratings. This will let you know if the majority of users of the app had a good or bad reaction to a food.
  • My Experience and Community Experience data analysis - Advanced graphs and data analysis present the my experience and community experience data to you in a useful and intuitive format to show you breakdowns of good and bad reactions to the various food categories as well as what your worst specific FODMAPs are.
  • Challenge - The FODMAP Diet is an elimination diet for IBS and other GI diseases, but once you've eliminated all high FODMAP food sources from your diet, you can challenge foods to determine if they work for you. This features lets you introduce potentially high FODMAP foods back into your diet one at a time, in a controlled environment and track your experience with each food after three days to determine if it will work in you FODMAP friendly diet. More details on FODMAP challenges are contained within the app.

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