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10 Things You Should Never Buy Again (English Edition)

10 Things You Should Never Buy Again (English Edition) - /images-eu.ssl-images-com/images/I/51E3BzNgLKL.jpgSpacer

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When you go to the store, you are bombarded with millions of products that the manufactures want you to buy. Their main goal is to separate you from your hard earned dollars. And they will do whatever they can to get you to fork out the money to buy their “stuff”. And they are very good at doing that. The cosmetic industry alone brings in billions of dollars every year with promises of incredible creams, lotions and potions that assure the user it will make you younger, reverse aging, and make the opposite sex fall in love with you. And after watching thousands of commercials, we want to believe that.

For whatever reason, either because we feel we need a product, or just out of habit we repetitively continue to buy stuff that we can actually make for ourselves. Not only can you make a lot of these items yourself for pennies, but the items you can make will in all instances be better for you and of higher quality.

Unfortunately many of the products that we buy, either to wear, use or eat are filled with a lot of chemicals. And after being exposed to these chemicals for long periods of time, they can play havoc with the human body.

But what if you never had to buy any of that stuff ever again? How much money could you save?
What if YOU had the knowledge to make these things for yourself? And the potential to actually earn some extra money, while creating wonderful, wholesome products.

That is what this book is all about!

You can make high quality products at home using simple ingredients, with the simple instructions provided for you within this book.