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Copertina rigida - Marca: Routledge - ASIN: 0415622484 - EAN: 9780415622486

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In this extensively revised new edition of his excellent guidebook, Christopher Shields introduces the whole of Aristotle´s philosophy, showing how his powerful conception of human nature shaped much of his thinking on the nature of the soul and the mind, ethics, politics, and the arts. Beginning with a brief biography, Shields carefully explains the fundamental elements of Aristotle´s thought: his explanatory framework, his philosophical methodology, and his four-causal explanatory scheme. Subsequently he discusses Aristotle´s metaphysics, the theory of categories, logical theory, and his conception of the human being as a composite of soul and body. The last part concentrates on Aristotle´s value theory as applied to ethics and politics, and assesses his approach to happiness, virtue, and the best life for human beings, before turning to a consideration of Aristotle´s theory of rhetoric and the arts, with a special focus on his perennially controversial treatment of tragedy. This second edition includes an expanded discussion of Aristotle´s method, and new sections on key issues in perception, thought, akrasia, and mimesis. It concludes with an expanded assessment of Aristotle´s legacy, sketching currently emerging Neo-Aristotelian movements in metaphysics and virtue ethics.

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