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Limitless: Leadership that Endures

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Copertina flessibile - Marca: Vermilion - ASIN: 0091955432 - EAN: 9780091955434

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There isn´t a magic formula for better leadership. But there is an enduring philosophy behind the most inspiring leaders in business, past and present. It´s one that has outlasted markets, currencies, meltdowns, revolutions and regime changes. Limitless is a celebration of the transformative power of thinking beyond conventional boundaries. Its fascinating true stories of the most audacious and accomplished business leaders remind us how the entrepreneurial spirit really does change the world for the better. The greatest leaders not only make a difference in their own times, but also leave behind the lessons they´ve learned for the world that goes on after them. Finding opportunities where others see obstacles, they show that the greatest investment any entrepreneur can make is to keep an open mind.

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