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Monster Manual

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Copertina rigida - Marca: Wizards of the Coast - ASIN: 0786965614 - EAN: 9780786965618 - Modello: WTCA92180000

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  • Il manuale dei Mostri di Dungeons and Dragons 5 edizione, in inglese
  • Inglese
Ghosts of Saltmarsh brings classic adventures into fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. This adventure book combines some of the most popular classic adventures from the first edition of Dungeons & Dragons including the classic U series, plus some of the best nautical adventures from the history of Dungeon Magazine: Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh, Danger at Dunwater, Salvage Operation, Isle of the Abbey, The Final Enemy, Tammeraut´s Fate, The Styes.\n\n- Ghosts of Salt Marsh includes a variety of seafaring adventures, enough to take characters from level 1 to level 12.\n- This supplement details the port town of Saltmarsh, the perfect starting point for a nautical campaign.\n- Each adventure can be played individually, inserted into your ongoing game or combined into a single epic nautical campaign.

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